Analisis Dan Rancang Bangun Mobile Customer Relationship Management (Studi Kasus : CV. Anugrah Group)

  • Adi Nugroho Susanto Putro Universitas Kristen Surakarta
Keywords: CRM, mCRM, Data Mining


Analysis and Design of Mobile Customer Relationship Management (Case Study: "CV. Anugrah Group"). Life or death of a business that depends on the customer. For that the company is required to be able to take care of customers. Likewise, experienced by "CV. Anugrah Group", with the increasing number of online stores, many customers are moving to places. This is because online stores have gotten past customers. Through mobile phones while sitting at home, can be bought easily. So that "CV. Anugrah" does not go out of business, it is necessary to develop a new marketing strategy. This study asks for an analytic mCRM with data mining as a new "CV. Anugrah" strategy. mCRM is a technique used by companies to treat customers via mobile phones. While data mining is a technique used to gather information from large data sets. With this Analytical MCRM, customers can buy through their cellphones through as appropriate, online shops will receive a search order. Items will appear to find search products based on data mining. The data mining algorithm used is FP-Growth. The results of testing respondents (user acceptance) as many as 30 people, showed a value of 76.44%. The importance of the "CV. Anugrah" mCRM is approved by the customer and deserves to be applied.